Gold Coast Strippers & Topless Waitress Prices

Waitress Prices

  • Lingerie/Bikini Waitress (min 3hrs) $80 p/hr

    Perfect for events such as mixed parties, promotional work and golf days. Our sexy girls wrapped in stunning lingerie or skimpy bikinis will impress, entertain and serve.
  • Topless Waitress (min 2hrs) $110 p/hr

    Whether you want our sexy girls to serve drinks, deal poker or just entertain they will be sure to add some excitement to your party or bucks night.
  • Nude Waitress (min 2hrs) $170 p/hr

    Having a gorgeous girl wearing nothing but high heels and a smile is definitely the best way to please your party guests!
  • The Tickler Package (3 hrs) $340

    If you are one who enjoys the anticipation then this package is for you. For the first hour the girl waitresses in sexy lingerie, the second hour just her underwear and the third wearing nothing but her smile. The interest never waivers and all bets are on whether she is bald or has a landing strip!!!
  • Lap Dances (10 minutes) $100

    As an extra with any topless or nude waitress booking you can pay a little extra and get a lap dance to nude right there at your party.  Why not treat your buck or birthday boy with a sexy lap dance.

Show Prices

  • G String/Hot Show (15 mins) $240

    Aimed at birthdays and mixed crowd functions this show can be tame and cheeky leaving her g string on, or naughty where you get to see it all. With the use of moisturisers, candle wax and oils our dancer can tease your one special guest or she can choose assistants from the crowd to help her make a sexy mess. Perfect for something fun at mixed parties. Not recommended for bucks parties.
  • Pop 'n' Pearls (20 mins) $250

    Your chosen performer stripteases to nude and bares all with some daring open leg work before the treat of watching metres of pearls slowly being removed. As a sweetener, lollipops are inserted and sucked.  Choose who gets treated or let our girl pick her victims.
  • Toy Show (30 mins) $300 (45 mins) $350

    With a raunchy striptease to nude, open leg work so you get to see all and the use of multiple toys this show is the best value for budget bucks. Starting with smaller vibes and progressing on to something more 'substantial'. Some glowing, some twisting, your sure to be impressed with her bag of tricks. The buck or your choice of guest will get special attention and just a little embarrassed.
  • Fruit and Vegie (30 mins) $340 (45 mins) $380

    A sexy strip to nude revealing all followed by some sexy open leg work. After an assortment of creams, oils and hot candle wax are used in some delicate places a variety of fruit and vegetables will be used and abused. You will never feel the same in the fresh produce section of your supermarket. As always the girl likes to tease, tempt and embarrass so point out the buck or birthday boy.
  • Dominatrix Show (30 mins) $400

    If you would like to see your buck squirm a little for your amusement this is the show for you. Starting in a full dominatrix outfit including restraints and brandishing a whip our dancer will make your chosen victim submit.  He cannot escape and has no choice but to do as he is instructed.  Enjoy your mates misfortune as he is forced to participate in such things as wearing a gimp mask, a collar and drinking from a doggy bowl.  This performance includes a vibrator show in which the dancer will perform explicit open leg work and use multiple size toys.  Moisturisers, oils and some very hot candle wax poured onto unspeakable places brings the show to a close.  The buck is released and free to continue partying.  This is definitely something to liven up your weekend and get the boys talking.
  • Lesbian Show (30 mins) $600 (45 mins) $680

    The show commences with two stunning girls undressing, kissing, licking and touching each other. This heart stopping intro continues to hold your gaze as they then move on to perform sexy open leg work where you will get to see all. As things get heated out come their bag of tricks. They use all sizes and styles of toys on themselves and then... impressively... on each other. This show is not simulated, there is no illusion, this is the real deal and guaranteed to impress. As with all our shows the guest of your choice will get extra special attention unless informed otherwise.
  • The Supreme (30 mins) $390 (45 mins) $440

    You won’t believe a show could incorporate so much.  A full striptease with open leg work ensures the dancer has your full attention.  She then moves on to the use of a mixture of props such as oils and candle wax but that is just the beginning. After metres of pearls are removed and replaced with lollipops the dancer moves on to toys and finally the fruit and veggies. If your buck or birthday boy agrees he will get some very special attention.
  • The Lesbian Supreme (45 mins) $780

    This sensational show incorporates two stunning girls kissing, touching and getting it on plus a whole assortment of spectacular girl on girl naughtiness. After the girls have danced and stripped each other to nude they proceed to experiment on each other with slippery moisturisers, oils and candle wax. With the warm up done its time for metres of pearls to be removed and the lollipops to come out… and in. Then the real fun starts when they use an array of toys on themselves and each other and finally the fruit and veg show begins. If the buck agree's he will get to lend a hand and if its all too much for him some other volunteers may be bought in for some cheeky fun.  This show is 45 minutes because there’s simply too much to fit into half an hour.
  • Greek Supreme (45 mins) $530

    This show has it all, starting with a tantalising strip to nude with no shame your chosen dancer will then proceed to get you to help her moisturise and oil up her glistening body. After pouring hot wax in some naughty places you then get to see metres of pearls appear from a special hiding spot and be replaced by lollipops. When the lollipop has been remove and sucked out comes the glory bag which contains not only multiple toys but also an assortment of fruit and veggies.  After our lovely lady has had her way with these and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better she will prepare to blow your mind with Greek twist finale.
  • Lesbian Greek Supreme (45 mins) $880

    Its not possible to put anything more into a show. Two sexy girls stripping each other to nude. Explicit open leg work is performed for all to see, whilst kissing, licking and touching each other in the most sensitive places.  They massage moisturiser onto each others bodies and after getting messy with hot wax and shaving cream they help each other out with a soapy sponge bath.  You will have the pure joy of watching up close, girls removing metres of pearls and using lollipops in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Just when you are thinking its all too much, out comes their goodie bag containing a variety of toys and fruit and vegetables.  They can’t hold themselves back and pleasure each other in ways you only dream about which includes the naughty Greek twist finale. This show is 45 minutes because there’s simply too much to fit into half an hour.  Your guests won’t believe their eyes, especially the buck who has had special attention throughout the show.

Speciality Shows

  • Ultimate Toy Show – Performed only by Cora (30 mins) $350 (40 mins) $375

    This costumed striptease show is true XXX entertainment performed by one of the best showgirls in Queensland. While stripping down to nude Cora will amaze you with acrobatics and splits. Lollies or marshmallows are on the menu before she uses a lollipop in ways you wouldn’t imagine. After she has had your help to moisturise she will then delve into her toy box and choose 3 vibes to play with including deep throating. Cora then exercises her extreme muscle control firing them across the room and hoping the audience are quick enough to catch them. Following all these messy activities a sponge bath is necessary and you get to watch as bubbles trickle all over. After you have been wowed by this amazing show you will have signed posters to remind you of the event and paintings created with Cora's gorgeous nipples.
  • Fisting Frenzy – Only performed by Nadia (30 mins) $420

    This amazing show has all the bells and whistles.  Starting with a raunchy striptease to nude Nadia will then proceed to moisturise and oil her glistening body.  Hot candle wax is then drizzled onto not only her delicate places but other peoples as well...   With the careful use of shaving cream Nadia even lights her stomach on fire! After removing a long string of pearls and the clever use of lollipops you then get the treat of watching multiple toys and fruit and veg being used in ways you don’t see at home. Help her count her fingers as she inserts one after the other until finally she achieves something not many could imagine. After all this exertion a little wash down may be in order. The buck will be amazed and impressed and basically happy that he got to help.
  • Toy and Squirt – Only performed by Kiki Vidis (30 mins) $600

    See our resident pornstar perform this amazing show.  Not only is Kiki a gorgeous girl but she has no shame.  Starting with a strip to nude Kiki then uses all the props you could imagine including oils, wax and moisturisers.  Pearls are then removed from unspeakable places followed by an array of toys in varying sizes being used to pleasure.  She will possibly need some help from your chosen guest...or maybe she will just need him front and centre to tease and embarrass. The big finale includes squirting liquids and a very happy, if not damp, guest of honour...
  • No Limits – Only performed by Kiki Vidis (30 mins) $700

    Again our favourite Aussie pornstar goes above and beyond with this show. After she starts in her usual sexy manor dancing and stripping to please she then uses all her favourite creams, oils and tricks to tease, temp and embarrass. Getting the buck to help where necessary Kiki makes sure the buck has front seat and prime viewing for what is about to happen next. When all her toys have been used in the regular way you get the treat of watching her insert them in multiple locations and with DP. Many men could only dream of this and it will happen right in your lounge room! After all this excitement who could blame a girl for getting a little..... squirty ??
  • Greek Fist – Only performed by Kiki Vidis (30 mins) $850

    Kiki is the only girl to perform this show, it is a very special show and one that is aimed to amaze. After the stunning Kiki dances and strips to tease you she performs a full toy show using various sizes and types of toys and props. After showing all she continues on to do the amazing and unspeakable..  be amazed at her talents as she gradually inserts more and more into a spot you wouldn’t have imagined.